About The Product

I am often asked where I start in making one of my pieces.  I start with an all wood frame made of poplar wood. Poplar is ideal for furniture frames, and it is just dense enough that staples can penetrate the wood.  I build the frames with all natural fibers, but for the exception of a product called hairflex, which is used to simulate hog or horse hair, animal products use by the old masters in building furniture.  A jute webbing is stretched over the top of the frames as well as the side openings.  This product can be stretched with a tool called a webbing stretcher and the tops become tight like a drum. The webbing stretched over the top is the beginning of the firm foundation, which is one of the signature components of my product.  A jute burlap is stretched over the jute webbing and then the hairflex.  Two layers of hairflex are added with cotton batting placed between each layer and all of these products are hand stitched together twice to give the firmness for the longevity of the piece. My goal is to build heirlooms to be passed from one generation to the next.  All fabrics and leathers are selected at this point because all exposed woods are custom finished to correlate with the colors in the fabrics or leathers.

Poplar wood is a difficult wood to stain, but I have found a process to force the wood to absorb the stains.  I custom stain to get the blending of the many colors that’s in various fabrics, because it is important for the overall piece to blend, as one would choose different pieces of clothing to be worn by an individual, or the framing of a piece of art to enhance the piece.  Thirty plus years of experience in furniture making, refurbishing antiques and working with the interior design trade goes into each piece that I produce.